The High Efficiency Water Heater = Real Efficiency (96%!)

High Efficiency Water Heaters - Not The Same Old Song and Dance

There are water heaters, and then there are super high efficiency water heaters. Even though they have a tank and look similar to conventional water heaters, the high efficiency water heater is in a class by itself.

Super High Efficiency Water Heaters are also called Gas Condensing Water Heaters. They have up to 96% thermal efficiency, which means that 96% of the energy that they use is transferred directly to the water to heat it. Standard water heaters have nowhere near that rate. In fact, these high efficiency water heaters extract so much of the heat, their vent pipes are made of plastic because by the time any gases leave the unit, they are no longer hot. You will get endless hot water from the same size tank, and save money on energy bills at the same time. A family of four can save $2,550 on energy bills over the life of this type of water heater, and larger families will save even more.

Super high efficiency water heaters are ideal for larger homes with multiple bathrooms, homes with jacuzzi tubs, or families with teenagers who like to take longer and more frequent showers. Super high efficiency water heaters are great for these situations because, just like tankless water heaters, you’ll never run out of hot water. They are able to heat your water as fast as you can drain the tank. Unlike tankless water heaters, gas condensing water heaters use the same size pipes as pre-existing gas and water lines, which can save some installation troubles, and they have a smaller footprint than conventional tank types with 50 gallons at only 22″. They use either natural gas or propane.

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