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Video Pipe Inspections & Pipe Location

When you are purchasing a new home, it is a good idea to know what you are getting into and what expenses might be required in the future. Since we offer professional sewer line cameraing and plumbing inspections, as well as pipe locating in Asheville, Weaverville and the Buncombe county area, you can be fully aware of what your new home’s plumbing is like.

Water Pressure Repair & Diagnostics

Asheville city water is notorious for having high water pressure surges which can damage water heaters, faucets, toilets and other plumbing fixtures, causing leaks and shortening the lifespan of your plumbing. In order to help mitigate the source of these problems caused by water pressure, we are professionally trained to work with well water systems and well pressure tanks. Regardless if you have low water pressure or high pressure spikes, we can help bring balance to your system!

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When You Need a Good Man for the Job…

At one time or another, every homeowner will need plumbing repairs or want an upgrade to a fixture. When that time comes, who are you going to call? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew a good man for the job? Now you do!

We can often repair your existing plumbing fixtures, or install new plumbing fixtures if your home needs a refresh. For instance, a new toilet, faucet, or tub and shower trim can make your bathroom seem new, and a new kitchen faucet can make a huge difference in your daily life. But no matter which way you choose, we always use quality parts and recommend quality fixtures.

Unlike many service plumbers, we also design and build quality plumbing systems. Consequently, that means, we really understand how the whole system works (or should work!) We have worked on projects ranging from public schools and colleges, to fire stations, store fronts, as well as custom remodels. See Jacob’s bio for more details on that.

Our other plumbing services include:

  • Water Pressure Reducing Valves ( PRV ) Replacement
  • Kitchen Faucet Repairs and Installation
  • Bathroom Plumbing Fixture Repair and Replacement
  • Water and Drain Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Washing Machine Connection Boxes Installed
  • Fridge Water Line Connection
  • Dishwasher Lines Repaired or Installed
  • Leak Repair
  • Plumbing Diagnostics
  • Water Filtration, Water Testing & Water Purification
  • Spigots / FrostProof Hose Bibbs Repaired or Replaced
  • Bidets and Washlets
  • Toilet Resetting, Toilet Repair and New Toilet Installation
  • Water Heaters of all kinds
  • Video Sewer Line Cameraing
  • …and much more!

So, whether you have a leaking pipe, a dripping faucet, a running toilet, or a broken gargabe disposal, you can rest assured that we bring the experience and know-how to complete your plumbing repair Asheville. Our expertise helps us to accurately diagnose and repair the most difficult plumbing repair problems, or we can help you maintain your existing plumbing to avoid emergencies before they arise.

Call us today at 828-774-7076 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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We Are Professionally Certified with Ongoing Specialized Training

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An Ounce of Prevention…

Commercial and Residential Plumbing Maintenance

We highly recommend doing plumbing maintenance and routine plumbing check-ups. Indeed, like the old saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. The plumbing repair and water damage costs, loss of priceless valuables, and always inconvenient timing of a plumbing emergency greatly exceed the cost of a good plumbing check-up ahead of time. We’d like to be the plumber to help you with that.

Having a preventative plumbing maintenance plan in place is important for any home or business owner in order to stop preventable plumbing emergencies, and avoid the clean up and damage costs that often go along with it. Although a commercial venue has different demands than a family residence, for both the best starting point for a good plumbing maintenance plan is to have an inspection done by a licensed plumber to determine and discuss your exact plumbing needs.

Many homeowners and local businesses have trusted Goodman Plumbing for efficient, smart, honest answers and solutions to all their plumbing repair and maintenance needs, and you can too. Whenever you need a plumbing repair Asheville NC, Weaverville NC, or any of the surrounding areas of Buncombe county, call us and we’ll be right over!

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We Only Install Professional-Grade Plumbing Fixtures

We don’t install products from DIY stores or Amazon, but only use professional-quality plumbing fixtures, and chose made in USA products whenever we get a chance. Because we believe that quality fixtures may cost more up front but will pay for themselves over time, and because they last longer and have parts readily available if you should need them, we highly recommend them. Since we are glad to share our knowledge in this area, we can help you determine which type of plumbing fixture is best for your needs.


Prompt and Courteous Asheville Plumbing Repair or Replacement

When you contact Goodman Plumbing about your plumbing repairs, you’ll receive prompt and professional service. We’ll schedule a licensed plumber right away.

Our plumber will ask you about the issues you are experiencing, examine your system and give you an honest explanation of the problems and how to correct it. Of course, we never do any work until we’ve agreed on a plan for your plumbing system that’s best for you.

Professionally Certified Installation & Repair

We are factory-trained and certified licensed plumbing professionals. We are Delta Certified Installers, CSI Preferred Contractors, Rinnai Factory Trained and Uponor PEX Certified. As a a result, we know about the fixtures and plumbing systems in your home, and can even offer extended warranties that are not available to non-certified plumbers.

Call us today at if you have any questions about your plumbing needs, we’d be glad to help.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist Ideas:

Firstly, there are some plumbing inspection items that you can check for yourself, if you would like to. Although the cost to check them is very low, the amount you save could be quite a bit. See the following for some ideas you can look into for yourself.

Once you have checked everything, you can rest easier knowing that you have been diligent in maintaining your plumbing system. However, if you do find a problem, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Of course, if you prefer to have us check these things for you, we’d love to do that too! We offer comprehensive Plumbing Safety Inspections as well as Video Cameraing.

Are There Ways to Check For Plumbing Leaks Myself?

Yes! You can check for leaks, or evidence of a leak that may be occasional. Get a flashlight and look closely under all your sinks, in your basement / crawlspace, and anywhere else there is plumbing. Check all existing piping for noticeable wear or defects. Make sure there are no drips or wet areas.

By placing a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank, you can check if it the tank is leaking into the bowl. If you see food coloring slowly coloring the water in the bowl, you’ll know for sure you have a leak!

Once you determine that you do have an Asheville plumbing leak, please call us at 828-774-7076 and we will be right over!

My Water Pressure Seems Too High. What Does That Mean?

In most homes the water pressure should be between 45-65psi.

In Asheville and Weaverville, the water pressure can sometimes get as high as 400psi! That’s not good.

If your water pressure is higher than 80psi, the excessive pressure is shortening the lifespan of many plumbing fixtures in your home and could cause premature failure. Call us to have a licensed plumber correct that.

My Water Pressure Seems Too Low. What Does That Mean?

Your low water pressure could be caused be several issues.

  • Water quality issues
  • Clogged water lines
  • Failing pressure tank or pressure switch
  • Incorrectly plumbed pipes
  • Failing pressure reducing valve (PRV)

Call Goodman Plumbing and we will be able to correctly diagnose your issue and help you find a solution that is right for your situation!

My Outdoor Spigot Leaks When Turned On. What Causes That?

Outdoor spigots, aka hose bibbs, are notorious for freezing in cold weather. It is extremely important that you remove any hoses, connectors or accessories from your hose bibb before freezing temperatures hit. If not, what can happen is that the water in the line freezes and expands, causing the pipes that are connected to your spigot to burst inside.

If you are experiencing a leak at your hose bibb, please call us to repair that for you!

How Do I Check My Water Shut-Off Valves?

Check the functionality of the emergency shut-off valves in your home or business by turning them on and off to be sure they are not frozen in place. A shut-off valve is no good in an emergency if you cannot turn it off!

Know the location of all your shut-off valves, identify and label them with the piping or fixtures that they control before you need them.

How Do I Get An Estimate for Plumbing Repair?

To get an estimate for any plumbing or water filtration issue, call us at 828-774-7076. Our office manager Chrys will likely be the person who answers and can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

You can also contact us via our contact form and we will get back with you to get on the schedule as soon as possible!


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