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Well, ok, maybe you have heard of them. But a hybrid water heater is also known as a heat pump water heater, and they are not nearly as famous as standard water heaterstankless water heaters or even solar water heaters. Their relative obscurity is unfortunate though, because hybrid water heaters really out-perform their conventional electric counterparts.

Heat pump water heaters are not to be confused with heat pump heaters. They are true water heaters and are much more efficient than electric resistance (conventional) water heaters and are most effective in warm climates with long hot or mild seasons, like Western North Carolina.

The way they work is by transferring energy (heat) from the surrounding air to water in a storage tank. Instead of trying to heat water by applying direct heat, heat pumps use refrigerant to move the heat from one place (the air) to another (the water), the same way that a refrigerator or an air conditioner works, but in reverse.

During times when the demand for hot water is great, heat pumps automatically switch over to using standard electric heat (that’s why they are sometimes called hybrid electric hot water heaters).

Heat pump water heaters save you money and save the environment. If all the residential electric water heaters in the US were replaced with heat pump water heaters, the national energy cost savings would be $8.2 billion dollars each year, and 98 billion pounds of greenhouse gases would be eliminated from our atmosphere. That is the equivalent of removing 9 million vehicles from the road. What a big impact you can make just by choosing your water heater wisely!

Although hybrid water heaters can be more expensive to install than a conventional water heater, their energy savings over time can greatly off-set that cost. A hybrid water heater Asheville will typically pay for itself in just two years. In fact, you can save 50-71% on energy use compared to a standard electric resistance water heater. For a family of four, the lifetime savings can add up to about $3,510 in electricity bills that you won’t have to pay.

Some places require plumbers who install heat pump water heaters to have special training and certifications. We have both the training and the certifications needed, and the expertise to do the job well. If you have any questions about installing a hybrid water heater Asheville, or if you want to talk about the other water heater options available to you, please call us at Goodman Plumbing 828-774-7076. We install heat pump water heaters with QualityService & Integrity.

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