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Commercial water heaters come in a few different varieties. Two of the options available are super high efficiency water heaters (aka gas condensing water heaters), which can be manifolded together to produce enough hot water for restaurants or hotels, or a multi-flue commercial water heater, which is suitable for schools, apartment complexes, or office buildings.

Commercial super high efficiency water heaters have up to 98% thermal efficiency, which means that they use 98% of the energy that you pay for directly to heat water. With only 2% loss, these are environmental champions.

Multi-flue water heaters are commercial tank-type water heaters that are designed for 80% thermal efficiency and rapid heat transfer, with multiple anode rods to protect against corrosion and motorized flue dampers to control heat loss. There are multiple water connections to make customization easier. They use either natural gas or propane, and come in sizes ranging from 50 to 100 gallons.

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