All the Best Plumbers Need a Best Friend

Arlo – The Best Plumbers Mascot Ever

Arlo had a hard start in life. We aren’t really sure where he came from or what happened to him, but we know it wasn’t good.

He ended up in a City Animal Shelter, which at the time was euthanizing 700 cats and dogs per month. Arlo could have been one of them.

Fortunately, a family adopted him.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know their son was allergic to dog fur. (And Arlo has copious amounts of fur!) He only lived there for one week.

Fortunately, they had some friends who wanted to take him.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Arlo cannot control himself when it comes to chasing cats. He only lived there for one year.

Fortunately, we wanted him.

He was depressed for about 6 months, inwardly crying over his lost families. But then, one day, the lights turned on in Arlo’s soul. He realized that we were his family and we were going to keep him, no matter what!

He became the happiest dog we’ve ever known. He never complains about anything and always wants to please.

Now he’s our mascot, morale booster, and our best plumbers best friend. We all can learn a lot from Arlo.

Arlo has overcome his fear of thunder and of being petted by feet. He has learned how to play nicely with other dogs—even puppies who get up in his face.
And he’s an all around great guy to have around.

Arlo went to the School of Hard Knocks and graduated without being bitter, which is quite an accomplishment.

We have awarded Arlo the coveted “Best Dog Ever” Title, and he consistently receives accolades for having the best attitude and helping Jacob be one of the best plumbers he can be.

Morale Boosted 98%
Good Attitude Maintained 91%
Bad Guys Chased Off 87%

Adopt a Shelter Dog & Save a Life – Arlo’s First YouTube Appearance