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The Solar Hot Water Heater = Free Energy for Life!

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Solar hot water heaters collect energy from the sun and use it to heat up water. Free energy, forever. It’s so simple.

Solar thermal water heaters can be cost effective because the sun’s free energy is harnessed and operating costs can be cut by up to 70%. They can cut also your carbon dioxide emissions in half. A certified solar water heater will prevent 4,000 pounds of C02 from polluting the air every year. That is the same amount of you would save by not driving your car for four months!

Solar hot water heaters are one of the longest lasting systems you can install as well. With a life expectancy of 25 years or more, they easily double the longevity of a standard tank water heater, making solar water heaters even more eco-friendly. If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable water heater, you can’t get more green than solar.

Solar water heaters require a conventional water heater as a backup to ensure hot water is available when the sun is not out, but if you currently have an electric water heater, a solar system can reduce your electricity use enormously. If you have a larger family, a solar hot water heater system can begin to pay for itself almost immediately, and you will continue to keep saving for up to 25 years.

The up-front cost of installing a solar hot water heater is considerably more than that of a standard or tankless water heater, however, over the lifetime of your system you can save $5,200 in electricity bills—cutting your water heating costs by as much as 70%! That’s money in your pocket, and a lot less pollution in the air.

If you have any questions about installing a solar water heater Asheville, or to get more information about the other water heaters available to you, please call us at Goodman Plumbing 828-774-7076.  We are a certified Solar Initiative Thermal Contractor, and we are factory trained by SunEarth Solar Energy Products to install and service solar thermal hot water heaters. SunEarth produces high quality systems that are made in the USA. Choose Goodman Plumbing to install your solar water heater Asheville! All our work is done with QualityService & Integrity.

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